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It’s pretty common that one of the largest pieces of furniture in one’s bedroom is his/her wardrobe and is undoubtedly one of the more challenging items to move.  Here are some tips on how to move this monster out of your home, starting with the packing materials needed up until you get to your new location. Whether you plan on moving your big wardrobe on your own or if you have recruited some help, Koala Box will provide some useful and simple ideas to make this process an easy one.


Moving the Monster

koala-box-wardrobe-fullYou need to set a good plan so that you know exactly what it’s going to take to get your wardrobe into its new home. Take measurements of your wardrobe to make sure you will be able to get it OUT of place A and INTO place B. If there are stairs, tight corners, low ceilings, elevators, or weight limits, make sure to take all this into account before the moving day. This will allow you to prepare the best option to deal with the worst scenario.


You will need various moving supplies such as a dolly, moving boxes, bubble wrap, straps, wardrobe boxes, foam (if glass is involved), cardboard boxes, permanent marker, tape, scissors, cling wrap, zip-locks, zip-lock bags and tools to disassemble/reassemble it if needed. These moving supplies will help you with the packing process and the move itself. Don’t underestimate your moving supplies – even though it seems petty such as paper and pen. Avoid waste of time and energy because you/your moving mate have to run somewhere to buy those small items right when you need them!


koala-box-sorting-wardrobeNow comes the time to disassemble your wardrobe. Check all the shelves. Open the drawers and see which items really don’t need to be moved at all. Pack the items you know you want to keep but won’t need until you reach your final destination in some boxes. Clothes that you won’t use for awhile, such as winter clothing (if you are moving in the summertime), can be packed first. For the items that you no longer need -too big, too small, just out of fashion- , it’s a good idea to donate or give them away. If you’re downsizing your living space (your new home is smaller than your old one), you may need to plan ahead about using a temporary storage facility which can store small amount of items with a reasonable price.


koala-box-clothing-boxIf you can, use big wardrobe boxes. The best part about wardrobe boxes is that you can leave your clothes on hangers. This saves you from having to take each piece of clothing off its hanger, folding it and then having to hang it up all over again when you unpack. Label the boxes accordingly and tape them up well. If there is the possibility of rain at either end of the move, you may want to add a layer of plastic to protect your clothes from moisture. You can use big trash bags as garment covers – think of the bags you get from the dry-cleaner, only put many hangers under each bag.


How to Move Your Wardrobe from Place A to B

Once the contents are packed, it’s time to handle any items that have the potential to cause damage to your wardrobe if they move around in transit. If the wardrobe has removable glass or mirrors, they should be removed and secured in bubble wrap or foam for extra protection. If the glass or mirrors are fixed, protect the area. Make sure drawers and doors are battened down well to avoid opening during the move. If weight is an issue, remove them altogether to make the piece more manageable.


koala-box-assembling-problemIf you decide to disassemble the wardrobe partly or completely, just make sure you know how to put it back together! Take photos as you go and put hardware in zip-lock bags that are labeled well and know where you put them! Consider making one central hardware box for all the items you need to put things back together – including the tools you will need such as screwdrivers and Allen keys. Put that box on the truck last so it is first off the truck. Finally, wrap up your wardrobe (or wardrobe components) in moving blankets secured with cling-wrap or tape and use moving straps to further secure the wardrobe and aid in transport.


koala-box-moving-staircaseAfter you have secured everything top to bottom, the ultimate challenge is now how do you move this big piece of furniture out of your home?

If it is still in one piece (fully assembled), you will need a furniture dolly or some really strong friends. Figure out how you will navigate it through doorways and hallways and onto the truck. Once on the truck, make sure it is secure and not able to tip, slide or crash into things if the truck takes a sudden turn. Make sure you will have what you need at the new place to get it INTO its new home.

If it is partly disassembled, you may still need a furniture dolly or a friend’s assistance to move the big parts. Remember, do not harm yourself by handling oversized or overweight items without aids! Smaller parts will be easier to handle, but also consider about reassembling process later. To save time and energy, some parts are better left partly assembled as long as they’re secured and don’t complicate the transporting process.


Need a Hand?

If you’ve come to realize that this is a bigger task than you had anticipated, your best move would be to call in the professional movers. Koala Box is affiliating with a reliable removalist partner who can easily and safely get the job done. Let us know if you need a hand in moving your big wardrobe. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your wardrobe will make it in one piece without the tedious work involved.

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