Welcome to Koalabox

About Us

Founded in May 2013 Koala Box was to be initially a completely an open and transparent business. Since then Koala Box has become a ‘still young’ stable business in its own right developing and innovating to improve the service for the customers who use our supplies.

Our vision is to replace a large portion of cardboard entirely out of peoples traditional moves and help support the environment.


Awesome Service Outlay

We know that service is key to business and how we treat our customers is with the highest service possible by, making it on time, proving more products when we can and free stuff where we can

Keep It User Friendly

There are enough complex solutions out there that we don’t really need more, what we need is the simple things to work, even if they are complicated. It has to be simple on the front end and that is what we strive to achieve

Be there when you need us

We know what its like when a friend say’s they will be there but then bails at the last minute. We work to always be there on time with your Packing Boxes and Storage needs

Add Huge Value

In all our service arrangements we want to add as much possible value that we can to ensure that our clients feel that their money was well spent that they will promote us in a positive light.

Have a Tech Service Solution

We are more nerds then jocks and know what it takes to get a mix a tech service with a physical service. We love Technology and Service and believe we have that secret sauce.

Be flexible

Yoga, Tybo and being able to bend while not breaking is part of what we are doing. We’re extremely flexible and agile in how we come to solutions to solve problems and are working hard to keep that flexibility as we grow Koala Box

How we work is a simple but clever idea done right

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