What is My Storage?

My Storage is a new generation of a full managed service storage company designed from the ground up to take the pain out of using a traditional self-storage unit. Our customers do not have to travel to and fro storage facilities but instead operate their storage needs all on their Phone, iPad and Desktop. We hope to be the simplest “self-storage” company in Sydney (and many other cities to come).

How does the Process work from start to finish?
  1. Schedule a delivery and a pick up for the boxes to come to your place on your phone or desktop
  2. Once the schedule request is received by phone or online we will have a Koala Box team member will arrive at your home or Office and drop off durable, commercial grade plastic moving boxes provided FREE of charge to help begin packing
  3. On the day of your pick up, which can be the same day we drop off your boxes (our driver can wait up to 20 minutes) will take an inventory of your items and secure your belongings.
  4. We’ll take your boxes back to our secure storage facility and “upload” your inventory to our website and your email address.
  5. Whenever you want something back, you can log into your online account and see what you’ve stored check your boxes and arrange a scheduled return for the boxes that you want.
How is my stuff inventoried?

When your boxes are being picked up, our drivers will take a high-quality picture at eagle eye view of each box. We also have a number on each box, where you can write a description on the paper provided on that to help relate to each box what the inside contents is. The pictures and label descriptions are then uploaded to your account where you’ll have an online, the end look is a visual catalog of everything you’re storing with us.

When you want something back, login to your account, view your boxes and select exactly what you want returned to you.

Do you do larger items as well?

We do take larger items such as suitcases, tv units, microwaves, bikes, sofas, beds, etc.

For Bikes we store our customers bicycles on racks, separate from other storage. This makes your bicycle easier to retrieve and reduces the risk of it getting bumped, buried, or damaged by other storage.

Do you need anything from me when you drop the boxes off?

We usually have all the details that we need via online orders but if it was a phone call order we may require further information once we are at the drop off point for clarity of information and transfer of payments.

How do I pay for the storage?

Our online purchasing ordering system streamlines most of our client’s needs. Should you need to pay on arrival with our pay on arrival option we will use our E-way app option on our operators iPhones/iPads will process the payments quickly and effectively with our available ford of credit being:


Visa, and


We don’t like to accept cash due to the purpose of insurance coverage.

What is the minimum storage amount you do?

Minimum of 4 boxes is required for storage. If you have less then four then we may be able to work something out but please call to make an arrangement.

What is the shortest time frame you do?

Minimum of two months storage, in those two months you are welcome to have them returned and pick up as many times as you like but the storage payment requirements is 2 months minimum.

What happens if I miss a payment with My Storage?

We’ll be forced to hold on to your stuff until your account is settled. We even are legally allowed to sell your stuff after a process (and we would hate to do that)… You’ve seen storage wars and storage hunters. So please pay your bills on time.

We know that emergencies and unexpected events can interrupt finances. If you know in advance that you may be late making a payment for any reason, please contact us so that we can work with you.

You may be charged a late payment fee when you are late or miss making a payment and do not reach out to us in advance. In extreme cases we may not return your belongings until your account balance is settled.

Will you call me when I made an Online Order?

We will do our best to call or text our clients just to re-confirm details before delivery.

We also send out an email showing your confirmation dates and times along with an invoice for the payment.

What is the size of the Koala boxes and how much can fit in it?

The cubic volume is 0.09m3 per box.

The measurements are 69cm long x 43cm wide x 32cm high.

The litre measurements is 73 litres.

The best way to describe the size is to take a standard cardboard box that is assembles and push it to its side and imagine you could open it to the side, that’s a general and practical visual view of what size it is.

Can I use my own cardboard boxes or storage boxes?


People love the convenience of having our green boxes delivered directly to their doorstep (instead of having to find, assemble, and tape boxes), but we understand that sometimes people want to keep some items boxed.

The cost for storing your own boxes or containers is the same as storing our green boxes, which is $6.50 per Cubic meter. If you don’t know the measurements of your boxes, our driver will measure your boxes at pickup and give you an accurate quote. Please make sure that your boxes are packaged well and sealed securely.

How do you store my boxes in the warehouse?

Professionals unloads the boxes from our van and hands them over to a warehouse professional who places them in the storage space allocated to them. The boxes are stacked 5 high only and placed in a safe and monitored storage area that is designated only for your items.

Will I you let me know when you are here?

Yes. We will either give you a call or a text to confirm details before your delivery arrives. We are currently working on a 2 hour window but we are striving to bring that window down to hour or waiting time. Though we will always call you to let you know what the latest information is.

Can I order packing services or storage over the phone instead of Online?

Yes you can,

if you have some special requirements and want a second opinion our friendly staff can do our best to help you in your situation on 1800 Koala Box (1800 5625 2269).

Will you wait while I pack my boxes?

We currently schedule 20 minutes for combined drop offs and deliveries. If you need more than 20 minutes, we’ll need to schedule a separate pick-up.

Is the warehouse safe? What kind of security does it have?

Yes, the warehouse has cameras installed throughout the facility and runs random daily checks on employees who are handling items. Security is also in place 24 hours a day.

I have space at my own property. Can I use the boxes, but store them in my own property?

Yes, you can.

We will deliver the boxes you need to your property. You can pack and unpack your stuff in them. The standard storage price will be applied.

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