Hire Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney On Rent


Are you looking for plastic moving boxes Sydney for hire? Hire plastic moving boxes Sydney on a rental basis from Koala Box and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Koala Box is a professional company that provides the opportunity to rent plastic moving boxes Sydney for moving since 2013. Get over the old cardboard age and enter the new era of plastic moving boxes hire Sydney with none other than Koala Box.

The single-use cardboard boxes are a thing of the past. When you hire a box Sydney you are protecting the environment since plastic moving boxes Sydney can be used multiple times and are made using recycled plastic, unlike the old-fashioned cardboard boxes.

Using our plastic moving boxes on rent, you will be able to make your residential and commercial move more convenient and hassle-free by eliminating too many efforts.


Seriously, what’s not to like about Koala Box?


Everything about our moving crates is just excellent. The moving plastic boxes Sydney are affordable, stackable, can be used with ease. And the best part is that you do not need to buy plastic boxes for moving from us.

You can get your plastic moving boxes on rent in Sydney to make moving more comfortable, as mentioned above. Koala box even delivers the plastic moving boxes Sydney to your doorstep so that you do not need to take trouble in getting the boxes by travelling all the way to our office. You can pack your things, move, unpack, and then return the plastic removal boxes for moving in Sydney to Koala Box.


How You Can Hire Plastic Moving Boxes in Sydney

  • plastic moving boxes sydney delivery


    We deliver boxes to your place or office

  • YOU Pack and Move

    You pack and move with the boxes

  • We Pick Up the Boxes

    At the end of the lease we pick up the boxes


Size of our Koalabox

Length 68cm, Width 43cm, Height 32cm

70Litre Boxes



Here is why you should rent plastic moving boxes in Sydney from us:


  • Our plastic moving boxes Sydney cost lesser than the traditional cardboard boxes.
  • These boxes can be moved anywhere with ease and are easily stackable. Moreover, they can be used as office moving boxes as well.
  • You do not need to worry about rain or water when you have our plastic boxes for moving. These plastic boxes are incredibly sturdy, and there is no way that they can get crushed and collapse.
  • All the plastic moving boxes Sydney Melbourne come with handles which make moving more convenient. It is also easier to carry as the handles have a comfortable grip.
  • Forget using tape to pack your things. With plastic moving boxes Sydney available for rent, you will never need tape to pack things ever as they already come assembled. Just pack your stuff inside the box, close the lid, and you are done.
  • A box hire from Koala Box will keep your fragile things safe and secure while you are on the move.


Deciding to rent a box Sydney can be the wisest decision you ever make as it makes the whole moving experience much more manageable, safer, and more efficient than you could ever imagine. These green moving boxes are extremely eco-friendly as well as they are made of recycled plastic and can be used more than once, as discussed later below.



Stack Up to 6 High

With Handles

Hold with Ease

Attached Lids

Forget the tape and Close in seconds

Cardboard has been the main product when people are relocating. But a new contender that is gaining ground is the plastic box (or crate) in Sydney.

To keep with growing trends we have provided to you this more modern, convenient and eco-friendly solution to help everyone save time and money.

Why it’s time to get over cardboard boxes


Cardboard boxes can be used once or twice, after which you need to discard them. This means that more trees need to be cut down to make these boxes so that there are enough in circulation in the market.

However, plastic boxes can be used multiple times, and they are made up of recyclable plastic. Thus, these boxes have the least negative impact on the environment.

Not only that, these boxes are pre-assembled, have handles, and there is no need to spend extra money and time on taping the sides and bottom.


How hiring plastic moving boxes on rent in Sydney is better


  • Better For Our Planet

As the plastic moving boxes Sydney can be used multiple times, unlike the traditional cardboard boxes, it makes it better for our planet. Cardboard boxes can only be used once or twice and have a negative effect on the environment.

  • Better For Your Pocket

Getting our plastic boxes for rent can be the best decision as it is affordable and can be used with ease. The boxes are available for rent, and you do not need to buy plastic boxes for moving necessarily.

  • Better For Your Things

Being sturdy and stackable, our rent a box Sydney makes for a great option to move your items. You can stack the boxes to as high as 5 feet without any damage to the items inside the boxes.




The life cycle of these Koala Boxes are 400 times longer then regular cardboard


If you hire a box Sydney from us, you will notice that they are incredibly sturdy and can be stacked as high as 5 feet, as mentioned earlier.


Throw away the sticky tape. Our box has an attached lid,so there is no need to tape the sides and bottom.


It is a free Delivery and Pick up for your box Order


We believe in being sustainable and so 1% of our sales go to Koala Habitat Restoration Projects


These boxes are large enough to fit in your kitchen without breaking apart


Contact for hiring plastic moving boxes or crates in Sydney today!

When it comes to choosing the best plastic moving boxes Sydney company, no one can beat the services of Koala Box. We have been working in the industry for years and know how to offer customers the best services. We know that moving involves a lot of hassle, especially if it is your first time, and we work to eliminate these hassles from your lives by offering box hire. We believe that shifting to a new place should be filled with excitement and not tensions. So get in touch with us today to know more!!


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