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Take Good Care of Your Leather Sofa

Yes, leather sofa gives a touch of luxury and beauty to any home. No wonder that you’d like to bring your good old leather sofa to your new home. In order to preserve its appearance and prevent costly damage, it is imperative that you use the proper materials and procedures for packing, moving, and storing. Koala Box My Storage collects some useful information for you here.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Leather sofa packing guide

  • koala-box-furniture-blanketWrap your leather sofa in furniture blankets to protect it from scratches, scuffs, tears and dirt. Ask your Removalist if they can supply furniture blankets for you. If you’re using My Storage, we surely can prepare it for you.
  • Tape the furniture pads securely to hold the blankets in place. Do not let the tape directly contact the surface of the leather as it can damage the finish or take the color off.
  • Make sure any finished wooden legs are covered and protected as well.
  • After covering the sofa in furniture blankets, it’s an option for you to wrap the entire thing in shrink wrap to hold the blankets in place, but do not wrap a leather sofa with stretch wrap directly. The plastic traps condensation which can cause mildew to form and result in costly damage to your sofa. Additionally, if your sofa will be exposed to extreme heat, the shrink wrap could melt and stick to the leather.
  • My Storage warehouse is designed to be in neutral room temperature – cool and dry. However, good packing is highly recommended.


Leather sofa moving guide

  • koala-box-sofa-blanketEnsure that your pathway is clear of any obstacles and that your sofa will fit easily through any doorways, hallways or stairways. Be careful not to bump or scrape the sofa against any doorframes. Avoid sharp edges that could puncture the leather.
  • A sofa is heavy and should not be moved by one person. If you do your moving by yourself, it is wise to seek for assistance for this one.
  • Lift the sofa correctly. It is wise to quickly learn about manual handling before the move. You can seriously injure yourself by lifting a heavy couch improperly. Lift one corner first to judge the weight of your sofa and avoid straining. Have a friend hold the opposite end and together slowly lift the sofa off of the ground. Be sure to keep a straight back at all times, holding the sofa as close as you can to your body as you carry it. Always bend at the knees and never at the waist when lifting the couch as well as setting it down.
  • If you have removed the legs from your sofa, do not drag it across the floor. This can damage the bottom of the sofa as bad as damaging your floors.
  • If you have to move your sofa up or down stairs, be cautious and aware. Prepare the path you will take. Remove any possible hazards. Count the number of stairs you will be ascending or descending before beginning to move the sofa, and measure the width and height of the stairway to plan the best possible method. You can build a makeshift ramp out of two boards to get the sofa up or down the stairs. Have a friend help you by supporting the sofa from the other side and directing your footing. Blankets can also be used to slide the sofa down short flights of stairs.
  • Within My Storage range of service, a sofa is classified as “large item” – this means an item that is not safe to carry by one person (and we’re sure you can see the reason why).


Leather sofa storing guide

  • koala-box-sofa-packingThe best option for storing a leather sofa is in a climate-controlled storage unit. Leather is susceptible to cracking and peeling in extreme heat or dryness. Excessive humidity and dampness can contribute to mold and pest infestation. My Storage will offer optimum conditions for sustaining the quality of your leather sofa.
  • Ideally, your leather sofa is cleaned before being placed into storage. You may hire a professional, or do it yourself by applying leather cleaner and conditioner with a lint-free cloth.
  • Apply paste furniture wax to any wood components on your sofa with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Cover your sofa with furniture blankets to protect it from dirt, dust and moisture while it is in storage. Plastic shrink wrap is not a suitable material option as it will trap moisture and cause mold and mildew to form.
  • Cover the floor of your storage unit with sheets of plastic or use a wooden pallet to elevate your sofa. This can prevent damage from condensation and vermin.
  • Never place boxes or other items on top of your leather sofa while it is in storage. The weight can leave permanent indentations in the cushions.
  • Leave a 4″ – 6″ space between the sofa and the wall to enable sufficient ventilation and air flow.
  • Keep any chemicals, paints, or any items that could cause damage away from your leather sofa in the storage.


Storing your leather sofa soon? Don’t forget to mention it when you call Koala Box My Storage. We can provide for you a suitable furniture blanket and will handle your leather sofa safely to our excellent storage facility. When you need your sofa back, just call us or arrange it conveniently from your internet device.

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