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Supporting Kids to Settle into the New Home (and how Koala Box service will smoothen the process)

packing-boxes-kids-new-homeMoving can be a difficult time for children and teens. Once all the packing and moving is completed, they still need to settle themselves into the new space and new neighbourhood. This can include new school, new sports group, new everything. Parents need to understand that this adjustment may be hard for them to make. It can be extremely difficult and sad to say goodbye to old friends, especially if you’re moving interstate or even further with a little chance to spend time with them again. However, the excitement of moving to a new home can sometimes reduce the initial anxiety the children might feel.

It’s parents’ responsibility to help them go through the transition. Koala Box gathers up some tips and suggestions that you can plan to incorporate into the first few weeks after you’ve moved. However, the best thing to start is, of course, a smooth and enjoyable moving process. Our plastic packing boxes are so easy to use, no mess and clutter with sticky tape, you and your kids’ packing and unpacking activities will be so much fun and so less stressful. And in the end of the moving day, surely you still have enough spirit and energy to help your kids settle in the new home.


Tips #1: Take a tour around the new house

packing-boxes-kids-new-home-playEven if your family has seen the house before, take a tour around to get the children engaged with their new home. Walk them through the space discussing what each room will be, describing how it will look, what activities will happen there and asking what they think about the space. Involve the kids in organising the house and let them share their opinion about it. Cover every room, including the yard and garage, then let them take their own time to explore it. Take your time to play hide and seek or other game that encourages children to explore. Another game that usually works quite well is to create a list of questions that the family members need to answer. Make it like a treasure hunt, with teams and prizes. Try these questions: “which room is the largest?”, “which room has 2 small windows facing the back yard?”, “how many steps from the front porch to the lawn?” This is fun way to find out more about your home and to explore its every surface.

Tips #2: An essential box is essential

It’s really important that every member of the family packed an essentials box for themselves. For children and teens this should include their favourite things, whether its music, games, books, journals or pictures. If you’re using Koala Box, our green plastic box comes in the ideal size 70cm x 43cm x 32cm high and can bear up to 20 kg. Encourage your children to pack everything together so that all the things that are meaningful for them can be unpacked first. It’s also recommended that everyone takes his/her essential box with them instead of with the movers (if that’s feasible), just to make sure each member feel a little sense of home their first night. This may not be necessary if you’re moving short distance, but when you’re moving long distance -which can include lodging a night over or waiting 1-2 days before all the stuff delivered to your new home- you’ll find the essential box really is essential! Also consider that your unpacking process can take some time, while the children need their essentials ready from the very first day/night in the new home.trailer movie J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only 2017

Tips #3: Prioritise the kids’ rooms during the unpacking process

packing-boxes-kids-new-roomThe first room you should really unpack is the kitchen. Make sure you have the basics within reach – the things you’ll need for the next few days. To make this easier, always label your packing boxes. Find what in which box easily and avoid the additional stress. After the essential kitchen items are unpacked, start with the kids’ rooms. Encourage each child to unpack their own stuff, give them support and supervision. If you use Koala Box, our plastic box is easy to use and clean, kids can easily learn to open and close it safely. While doing the unpacking, talk to them about how they’d like their room arranged. Even if this had been pre-planned earlier, talking and confirming the room arrangement can still be exciting. It also will help them feel like the new space is theirs and they will soon settle into their new room. The sooner a child’s room is unpacked, the quicker they’ll adjust to the space – it’s just common sense.

Tips #4: Don’t delay to get back into routine

Routine makes people feel settled and organised. Most people like routine, especially children and teens. It’s normal that the first day and first night will be out of routine. Kids might stay up late, all family members are worn out and want to relax, un-organised stuff are everywhere, and most probably a simple delivery or take away meal for everyone. But after that, it’s important to establish a daily routine. Keep bedtime hours, mealtimes and playtimes consistent. This will help everyone to feel more settled. To get back into normal life and routine, it’s indeed one of the benefits we offer to Koala Box‘s clients. How? By setting up the packing boxes lease time frame, we encourage our clients to pack and unpack their belongings without delay and keep life as normal as possible shortly after the moving process is completed. Daily schedule can normalise the kids’ life after the disruption of house moving. If you used to take the kids to the park in the afternoons, find a local park and reschedule this into your day.

Tips #5: Parents need to take time out, too

koala-box-meeting-neighboursMoving in and settling in may not be an easy process for the parents either. While you’re trying to support your kids settling in, you also have the responsibility to take care of the whole new house and make sure that everything works properly. This multiple responsibility can be overwhelming. It’s important to allow each parent to take a time out to enjoy the new home and neighborhood.

Preparing a smooth well-planned move? Koala Box‘s plastic box is designed for the easiest usage and handling. Cutting off the process of assembling and taping the cardboard box, Koala Box has two attached lids that can interlock each other to secure your stuff inside. It will also give you the easiest unpacking process. Open the box (no scissors, no sticky tape), move the stuff to the designated place, stack the empty boxes and let us pick them. Each Koala Box package will also come to your house with a dolly that will save you a lot of pushing and lifting.

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