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Noise Problems in Residential Areas

koala-box-noise-neighbourNoise can be one good reason why people are considering to move from an area, or why people are avoiding to buy/rent a property in some areas. Sport, entertainment, commercial and domestic activities can generate levels of noise ranging from being a nuisance to actually damaging people’s health. Neighbourhood noise (generated by air-conditioning units, stereos, maintenance work, hobbies, etc) is a common cause of noise related complaints.

The Environment Protection Act 1997 (the Act) and the Environment Protection Regulation 2005, aim to protect people from undue noise whilst enabling them to carry out business and social activities. This legislation does not apply to noise generated by aircraft (including hot air balloons), cars on public roads, animals and people (e.g. rowdy behaviour).

Noise standards in residential areas

To prevent the noise from being a hazard to other people’s health and comfort, we need to comply with the regulations and consider to do the activities that are causing noise during the approved time frame.

Activity Conditions
Garden maintenance* including lawnmowers and garden equipment 7 am–8 pm Monday to Saturday, 8 am–8 pm Sunday and Public Holidays
Maintenance or repair work*
including the use of power tools, etc
7 am–8 pm Monday to Saturday, 8 am–8 pm Sunday and Public Holidays
Noise exceeding the standard may only be emitted for up to 40 hours in any
8 week period.
New Year’s Eve Parties 6 pm 31 December–12.30 am 1 January
Any noise emitted must not exceed 60dB(A) at the property boundary.
Warming up of motor vehicle engines May exceed the standard for no longer than 5 minutes except if the vehicle’s operating manual specifies a longer period.
Building work in residential areas Completed in less than 2 weeks
7 am–8 pm Monday to Saturday, 8 am–8 pm Sunday and Public Holidays
Taking more than 2 weeks to complete
7 am–6 pm Monday to Saturday
No noise exceeding the standard permitted on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Building work in industrial, city and town centre areas** 6 am–8 pm Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays
Garbage collection in residential areas 7 am–10 pm
Commercial garbage collection in**:
Industrial areas
City and Town Centres
Manuka and Kingston Group Centres
Other Group Centres

2 am–10 pm
5 am–10 pm

6 am–10 pm

Building intruder alarm May exceed the standard for no longer than 10 minutes if installed before
1 December 1997 or no longer than five minutes if installed after
December 1997.
Motor vehicle intruder alarm May exceed the standard for no longer than 90 seconds for a vehicle manufactured before 1 September 1997 or no longer than 45 seconds if manufactured on or after 1 September 1997.
*Any equipment used must be maintained and operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. **Please note that if a residence borders non-residential land (e.g. a residential block adjacent to local shops), or if it is located on non-residential land, different noise standards may apply for certain activities

Excessive noise – what can be done?

koala-box-noise-problemIn the case of you experience excessive noise in your neighbourhood, it is good to try to solve the problem by discussing it with the person causing the noise. Alternatively, you may wish to initiate mediation through a Conflict Resolution Service.

Avoid producing excessive noise

When purchasing and installing reverse cycle air conditioners, heat pumps, pool pumps, evaporative coolers, etc, you need to make sure that you consider the location in relation to neighbours. Seek advice from the installer on whether the unit will comply with noise standards in the proposed location, or refer to the Installation of Air Conditioners Information Sheet.

In 2014, complaints about aircraft noise in residential areas double across Perth

koala-box-noise-planeASA (Air Services Australia) figures show 490 people complained about noise from Perth Airport between July and September 2014, compared with 230 over the same period in 2013. The highest number of complaints came from Shelley (232 complainants), followed by Riverton (29) and Guildford and South Guildford (18 each). More than 4400 plane movements were detected in Shelley by noise monitoring equipment between July and September.

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