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Moving with your Kids

Moving with Kids – Plan and Make It Fun


Tips for Moving with Kids


  • Involve kids in the moving process from the outset – take them along when you’re search for a new home.
  • Reassure children about the change by letting them know that they’ll be able to keep in contact with important family members and friends.
  • Present the move in a positive light – emphasise the new beginning and fresh opportunities in the new area, and the adventure of exploring a new place.
  • Read moving house stories – your local librarian will be able to recommend kids’ appropriate books such as Moving Houseby Stephen Cartwright, Who Will Be My Friends? by Syd Hoff, We are Best Friends by Aliki and The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan Berenstain.
  • Introduce kids to their new neighbourhood by taking them on trips to your destination suburb and explore parks, playgrounds, shops and the library together.
  • Talk to kids about their room in the new house – encourage them to plan their room and any play spaces, indoors and out.
  • Let kids help pack up – they can pack non-fragile items and older kids can label boxes.
  • Keep your composure – if you stress openly the kids will pick up on it and may become fractious.
  • Help teens stay connected by arranging for them to get together with friends before the move, and encourage them to invite friends to visit them at the new home.On Moving Day
  • Plan everything in advance – make sure that the kids know what’s going to happen and when, and how they’re expected to help.
  • Use a baby sitter if possible, especially if you have younger children, otherwise you’ll have to keep your eye on them all day.
  • Ask for help by recruiting friends and family members to keep an eye on the kids if they can’t take them off your hands completely.
  • Prepare snack packs for the kids – they may be too excited to eat a proper breakfast and you’ll be hearing “I’m starving” before morning tea-time.
  • Let the kids help – they might be active and enjoy the activity.
  • Try to inject some fun into the move by creating a fun-pack for each child to keep them busy and out of your way.


moving_with_childrenMinimise your stress by being flexible – not everything will go according to plan, so have a few contingencies in place. Try to be tolerant of tantrums in littlies and moody behaviour in teens – they’ll be stressed too and maybe a little upset about leaving their old home and friends.


Koala Box’s Experience – Letting Kids Help in Packing and Unpacking Stuff

One remarkable benefit of our plastic packing box is how easy to use it. You don’t need to assembly and no mess up with the sticky tape, sticky tape dispenser nor scissors or such. This allows even young children (under supervision and clear explanation of usage by adults) to participate in using these boxes as well. Kids can securely place and arrange their own stuff inside the box. The box can be cautiously opened and closed by older children.

Koala Box’s packing boxes come to customer’s house with a trolley that makes moving the box around is easy and less lifting needed. The boxes can easily be labeled and the kids can help unpacking their own stuff as you arrive in the new home.

A hundred percent of our customers with young kids expressed their satisfaction and shared to us how their kids enjoyed participating in packing and unpacking stuff using these green boxes.

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