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How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Randomly tossing all of your shoes into a box when packing for an upcoming move may put them at risk for physical damage, plus will make it much more difficult to unpack when you arrive at your destination. Sort your shoes, then correctly pack the ones that you’d like to bring to your new place. Here are some tips Koala Box sums up for you.


How to sort your shoes?

sorting-shoes– Explore your shoe collection. You will probably find some worn out pairs or damaged ones which will be of no further use to you. Get rid of them before the move to save both space and time during the packing process. Put aside all the shoes that are in good condition but you just don’t like any more or will never be able to use again. Those could be high-heeled shoes that are just killing your feet, or formal shoes you will simply not have the occasion to put on again, or shoes that are not appropriate for the climatic conditions in your new place, or smaller shoes that your kids have already outgrown, or just anything that has gone out of fashion and out of need. You can donate such footwear to charity or to friends, or you may try to sell them in a garage sale.


– Sort according to the season and to your needs. If you are moving in mid-winter you can just pack all your sandals and flip-flops, stiletto shoes and straw shoes, etc. in advance. If you are moving in summer, all your boots can go first. You can also pack beforehand specialty shoes you will not need prior to your move, such as any formal shoes or dancing or hiking shoes if you are not planning to undertake the corresponding activities before the moving day. Moving and downsizing at the same time? Consider Koala Box to put your seasonal footwear in the secured and climate-controlled storage until you need them again.


– Put aside your footwear for the moving day. You will need a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes with non-slippery soles that will protect your feet when moving all your possessions out of your old property and transporting them to your future home. Also, pack separately whatever you will need on the first day or two in your new place – shower shoes, slippers, a comfortable pair to wear when unpacking, arranging or shopping.


How to prepare shoes for packing?

– Clean your shoes thoroughly. Your shoes must be clean and completely dry before packing. Any remaining dirt may harm your more delicate footwear and moisture can result in mold growth or deformation and ruining the shoes.


stuffed-shoesboots_in_box– Stuff your shoes. Use socks and/or clean paper to stuff your shoes well. This will help preserve their shape and will prevent crushing. It’s not recommended to use newspaper because it could leave stains on your shoes. This is how to pack all of your shoes besides the boots. You should wrap each boot separately in paper. After that, put in a separate box those pairs that have their own box.


stuffed-sandal– Prepare adequate boxes. If you keep the original boxes your shoes came in – use them for best protection. If not, search for small or medium-sized clean and sturdy boxes. If you decide to get boxes for free from supermarkets, make sure they are not torn and that they are clean, without any dust or spots which could transfer on your shoes. If you cannot find enough small boxes, get bigger boxes and pack more pairs in one box. In a Koala Box, you can fit 4 to 8 pairs of shoes, depending of the size and model.


How to pack shoes for transporting?

Always pack shoes in pairs for easier unpacking. It is best to pack each pair of shoes separately, in its original box or in one of similar size. If you don’t have enough small boxes or need to save some space, you can pack several pairs in one larger box but you need to be extra careful. Take into consideration:

– Always place the heavier shoes on the bottom.

wrapping-shoes– Wrap each pair in clean paper – place one of the shoes at the end of a sheet of packing paper, wrap it twice, then add the second shoe and continue wrapping until the sheet ends and you have a bundle of well-preserved shoes. This will prevent scuffing and denting your shoes.

– Alternate the directions of your shoes when wrapping and placing them in a box to save space.

– Provide protective layers of packing paper, cotton towels or any other soft and clean materials between the packed shoes.

packed-shoes– Fill any empty space in the box with crumpled paper, socks or whatever adequate padding materials you can find, to avoid shifting inside the box and crushing the shoes;
Never press or smash the shoes or you risk distorting their form and even damaging them badly.

– Secure the boxes with packing tape and never place heavy items over boxes of shoes when loading the moving truck.

– Make sure that none of the boxes is overloaded because it will become heavy and difficult to carry – it may as well break, inflicting damage to your shoes.

– Label each box carefully to know where to look for the shoes you need at the moment when unpacking. With Koala Box, you can easily label your boxes as we provide the sticky label for each box.

– You are not recommended to pack shoes in bags because of the little protection they provide. Bags tear very easily and your shoes may get scratched and damaged.


Load in the truck first boxes you won’t need right after the move and put in the moving truck or trailer last boxes with shoes you wish to unpack after you relocate. In the moving vehicle do not place heavy things on your shoes because this could deform them. If moving in rain or snow, make sure you protect your boxes from the moist because it could destroy your shoes. Koala Box is made of commercial-grade plastic, 100% water proof when the lids are interlocked properly.


Important notes:

shoe-rack-behind-closet-door* Footwear May Contain Moisture
There is a chance that your shoes could mold during moving and storage if they aren’t properly prepped and packed. Be sure to air out leather athletic and work shoes prior to packing so that they are free of moisture when you place them in the box. As an extra measure of security, you may want to powder the insides to ensure all moisture is drawn out of the leather and fabric.

* Protect Your Dress Shoes’ Finish
It is recommended that you wrap shoes in tissue paper and place them in the original shoeboxes to prevent damage from contact with other shoes. This will protect patent finishes and ornaments from accidental damage during transit. If you’d like to avoid wrapping and boxing shoes in pairs, you can also place them in a closet door shoe hanger. Folded carefully, this innovative storage solution can keep your shoes organized and firmly in place during your move.

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