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How to Pack Pictures and Frames

Packing your pictures and frames to bring them along to your new home, but not really sure how to do it without chipping corners or breaking glass? Koala Box outlined this easy step-by-step guide for you.


  1. koala-box-picture-packSelect a cardboard box that is bigger than the picture you need to pack.
  2. Keep the cardboard box flat or if it has already been assembled, break it apart.
  3. Tape one end of the flat cardboard box securely with packing tape.
  4. Place the picture in its frame flat on an oversized piece of bubble wrap.
  5. Wrap the picture safely in the bubble wrap. Secure the wrapping with packing tape.
  6. koala-box-wrapped-framesSlide the picture into the opening of the flat cardboard box. Seal the open end securely with packing tape.
  7. Mark the outside of the box, on both sides, “Fragile” and its location (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc).
  8. During transportation, keep the packed picture on its side, not flat. The picture will absorb pressure easier on its edge than on its flat side.



koala-box-corner-protector If you’d like to give additional protection for the corners of your picture frames, you can purchase specialized cardboard protectors just for this purpose.

– For smaller pictures or photo frames, you can wrap them individually in bubble wrap then stack them on their edges inside a medium-sized cardboard box or a Koala Box. Make sure they’re secure by packing objects around them or filling the gaps with crushed paper.

– During transport, pack pictures on their edges and in a place where they won’t fall over. Wedge them between heavy objects that will not shift during the move.


Are your pictures and frames too large to fit a Koala Box? Don’t worry, we can arrange the packing supplies for your specific needs. Have a chat with our friendly staff and let us know your next moving plan ahead.

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