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Guide Your Kids to Organise Their Books and Toys

Based on Koala Box experience in helping clients moving house, we notice that children’s books and toys can seriously take so much space in the house. A pile of stuffy toys in each bedroom,  a gang of rubber ducks in the bath tub, a box of coloring pencils on the dining table, a set of mini trucks in the living room… Children leave their traces everywhere! It’s very heartwarming and exciting to see them happy and active, but it’s not wise to let the clutter with a possibility of tripping and slipping hazards. Here are some tips we gather for you to guide your kids to organise their books and toys.

1. Your kids like to draw on the wall? Support their creativity and create a children-welcome-to-draw wall. This extra large blackboard will surely keep them busy. Organise the chalks and color pencils with boxes, tubs, shelves or straps and teach them to put everything back in place after usage.

blackboard lovers

2. These are some storage ideas for book-lover kids. Whether your kids can already read by themselves, or you read for them, you can still keep the books tidy and attractive. Don’t forget to allow enough lighting in the reading area.

book lovers3. Your kids love their cuddly toys? Keep them within reach without occupying the bed and sofa by using some baskets, cute shelves, or letter organiser.

cuddly toys

4. Playing with bubbles and toys during the bath time, yes! Stumbling over the squeaky rubber dolphin when stepping in to the bathroom, no!

fun bathers

5. Make your own children’s art gallery wall and let them show their artistic side!

fun drawers

6. Reward your kids with their own desk and let them practice to organise their paper and stationery.

kids desk

7. Use this magnetic idea for miniature cars, neat and artistic!

miniature collector

8. Is your kids’ mini figurine collection getting wider every time you check? Try this wall shelves idea.

miniature collectors 2

9. Sort and organise your kids’ toys with boxes, tubs, and shelves. Label each box or tub as necessary so they can find their toys more easily. And don’t forget to teach them to put everything back in place after playing, so everything will be at the ready to play again next time.

organised kids

10. Fun idea for the rider-to-be and driver-to-be.


When the kids are growing up and don’t play with their old toys anymore, you could consider to donate or give away your kids’ books and toys. Still, it’s totally understandable if you’d really like to keep some sentimental items of their precious childhood memories. Other case, maybe you simply want to keep the stuff for the next upcoming baby. We hope our toys organising tips are useful for you.

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