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First Day in New Home

There are many tasks to do on arrival in your new home. Where to start? How to begin to arrange all the things on the first day in your new home?

  1. If applicable, pest-proof and clean your new home before you move in

If you have access to your new place a day or so before the moving day, take the chance to get a few things done around the new homestead. You could set off a bug bomb or have the exterminator come and spray. Even if you don’t see any bugs, it’s likely they’re there. It’ll be more difficult to find and evacuate any critters after all your stuff arrives. And this way, you won’t have to worry about your children or pets being exposed to harsh chemicals during the bug bombing or spraying.

Take advantage of your still-empty abode by giving it a deep clean. The floors, baseboards and windows will never be this easy again — you’ll have unhindered access to everything. No curtains to take down, no rugs or furniture to move, you can wipe down all the countertops, shelves and drawers — replacing shelf paper if necessary. Clean out the oven, fridge and freezer as needed. Optional, hire a cleaning service to get it all done.

  1. koala-box-moving-inThank the moving company

Once everything’s off the truck, check your inventory list against what’s actually been delivered. It helps to have both the inventory list and a floor plan filled out with what goes where. You can then walk through the house, room by room, and make sure that everything has arrived safe and sound. Open a few boxes of your most breakable items to make certain they survived the move.

If you are happy with the work of the moving company that helped you move, thank the staff. You can welcome them for some drinks and snacks to take a break before they continue with the unloading and arrangement of items inside the house. They will do even a better job as their energy charged.

Ask your family and friends for some recommendation of reliable moving company in Perth. Or, give Koala Box a call and we can arrange our trustworthy moving company affiliate to help you.

  1. Check that the appliances are working properly

Check to ensure all the appliances are working properly and all switches are functioning. Check also the heating and cooling switches. You don’t want to end up in a cold home because there is a problem with the heating system. It’s better to check everything so that you can take care of any problems immediately.

  1. Do basic cleaning in the house

Use the cleaning supplies you already have or rush to the nearest shop to get cleaning materials. It’s wise to prepare the cleaning supplies you currently have (pack it in a specific box that is easy-to-reach) as you know you need to do this cleaning beforehand. Clean the most evident things like dust, cobwebs, and the floor. You can scrub the slates of the bathroom and clean windows if you have more time. Just do some basic cleaning so you can start arranging furniture and unpacking boxes.

If you have access to this new house before you move in (as point 1), at this point you might only need to do some light cleaning such as sweeping the floors to wipe off the mess of the moving activity.

  1. koala-box-dinnerOrganise for some quick food

Don’t waste energy on cooking as you will already be tired. Save the energy for unpacking and arranging items in the house. If you are observing a healthy diet, get some fresh fruits and veggies in the nearest market. Try salads as they are nutritious and easy to make.

It’s always a good idea to check out the local market and get some food supply. Between you, your family, the movers and any friends who are helping you, someone’s bound to get thirsty or hungry during the move. If you already prepare this food before the move, make sure that you pack them in the box that is easy-to-reach, along with some napkins, toilet paper and cutlery. You might save some money, time and energy by planning your meal and snack before the moving day.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming and Download

  1. Find the essentials and organise as you unpack

Unless you’ve hired the movers to help you unpack, don’t try to unpack everything at once. Sort your carefully labeled boxes so that you only have to unpack what is absolutely necessary. This gives you the time to organize your space as you go, instead of being forced to toss things randomly into cupboards and closets. Look for towels, bed linens, toiletries and other essentials. Unpack a few clothes so that you’ll have something to wear over the next few days. Find the coffee maker and your favorite mug. And don’t forget to find Fido’s food and water dishes and a few of his favorite toys. Koala Box’s packing boxes come to you with handy labels that help you to identify your stuff easily.

It’s smart to start with setting the bed so that it’s ready to use when you are tired. If your friends aren’t staying over, don’t bother with the guest rooms. For now, concentrate on the kids’ rooms and master suite. Make sure you find your kids’ favorite blankets as you want their first night in the new place to be a good one.

Installing window treatments in the most essential rooms is also important. When night falls, you don’t want your family and all of your belongings on display for every passerby to see. If you haven’t considered yet about blinds or curtains, you can always tack up a linen sheet temporarily.

  1. koala-box-involve-kidsInvolve the kids

Give the kids small tasks like unpacking some boxes. Koala Box is so easy to use. With a good instruction, bigger kids can pack into and unpack from the box under minimum supervision.

For very little kids, arrange for them some toys and playground area in one of the rooms to keep them entertained and occupied.

Let children do arrangement of their rooms as they like. Involving children in the moving process will save you time and effort, and make the moving process also fun for them.

  1. koala-box-meeting-neighboursMeet the neighbours

After a few hours of unpacking, you’ll need some fresh air. Grab the kids, put the dog on a leash, and have a stroll around the neighbourhood. If the family across the street is outside, stop by to say hello. If you see someone else walking with his or her family or dog, pause to introduce yourself. The sooner you get to know the folks around you, the quicker your new place will feel like home.

  1. Enjoy the family meal

After a long day of work, take time to unwind together. Don’t worry about cooking — especially if you haven’t managed to unpack the kitchen yet. You can drive to the nearest restaurant for takeout or order something for delivery. During dinner, you can relax and make a plan for what you want to tackle next.

  1. Get some sleep

After you’ve spent the day arranging furniture and unpacking boxes, you need a good night’s rest. Adequate amount of sleep will allow you to be ready for the next day, whether you might like to continue unpacking, hang all the paintings or take the day off to explore your new town.

Moving house can be tiring and stressful. That’s why Koala Box comes with a smart packing solution — our green plastic boxes. Koala Box is waterproof and very strong, can handle heavy items up to 20 kg. The attached lids will simplify the sealing and un-sealing process when you pack and unpack. Try us now to find out how we can save your money, time and energy — no flimsy cardboard and no sticky tape.

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