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Questions Normally Asked

What is the Hourly Rate and Why?

Our Hourly Rate is $125 per hour with GST included.

The reason we price it at $125 including GST is because this covers our cost outlay of arriving to your place with two strong built gents and a 4.5 tonne truck along with getting home at the end of the day. We don’t have any other cost then this.

What is the Shortest amount of time I can lock in with you?

The shortest amount of time we can lock in with you is 2 hours. 

When we come to you with the arrangement of 2 great guys and a truck it takes a bit of time so for a quick fridge around the corner or a couch up the road is a bit hard to charge our price. But for your home to home or home to storage or office to office we can ensure its done correctly and efficiently. 

Is there a traveling fee included in your services?

Good News!

There is no traveling fee that we make you pay.

All our vehicles are between 3 to 4.5 tonne in size so there is no requirement that we would believe a traveling fee would be required.

During the traveling phase between locations we just charge the normal hourly rate of work only.

What is the size of your truck and how many do you have?

The Weight of our Truck is 4.5 tonnes.

The Length in meters is 6 metres by 2.5 metres

We have 2 Tonne van and 3 Tonne-4.5 Tonne trucks depending on availability within Sydney City

How is your Insurance and what does it cover?

Our Insurance is there and covers up to a $5,000,000 limit.

What our insurance covers is all of your items within our Trucks while transporting from your current location to your new location.


Discover what questions to ask

What is Depo to Depo anyway?

Depo to depo is a phrase used by moving companies that like to begin charging you for moving services once they leave the location of where they store their Truck and don’t stop until they get back to their parking lot or Depot as its properly called.

Now this might be understandable if its a process where its a massive team of over 40 staff members and so many trucks where the expenses are crazy but this is just not the case for majority of the moves locally done.

To share the good news with you then is that Koala Box does not believe in such a process and that with all local metropolitan relocations within Sydney we do not begin the charging process until we have arrived at your door and finish when we say good bye to you when we leave your new place.

Our Cultural belief is that you don’t get paid from your boss when you leave your house in the morning so why should we?

Why do Removalist charge a Traveling fee?

A traveling fee is the cost of the operation of a transport of vehicle while it is in motion from your home or office to the new location.

The main reason for a traveling fee is for when large transport companies taking their loads across country would place a traveling fee for the operation of that semi-trailer truck.

Being that majority of metro operations within Sydney and just outside of Sydney (with a 80km radius of Sydney CBD) we don’t need a traveling fee.

If your being asked to pay a traveling fee and your moving somewhere within Sydney itself, please reconsider, it is not necessary and would usually mean that the business that is charging it for their 1.5 tonne, 5 tonne or even 8 tonne truck is taking advantage of you.

If their business is well reputable and reliable then they would not require to be trying to take each and every dollar away from you.

Our Cultural belief is that we rather be transparent on how we operate so that our skill is enough to not require add ons outside our main price, so if your moving between Sydney you will not be charge for a traveling fee.

How Does the Insurance Process Work?

The Insurance process works like this.

When you are looking to have your fragile items transported from one location to another it can be a stressful time because things that are fragile have a possibility of breaking.

When your moving everything and fatigue starts to set in mistakes can occur in the manoeuvring of items around the home or office.

So for this case should an accident occur when manoeuvring say a fridge through the house and into the new one and it gets a scratch. A claim with the insurance company of the removalist can be applied.

Now because insurance companies make their money by making promises but not having to fulfil them majority of the removalist companies will place insurance over the Van/Truck once all the items are inside the Van/Truck because it usually finds that as the lowest premium needed.

For while items are being transported to the Van/Truck and out of the Van/Truck into the new place most insurance companies will not cover that because they see that as a high risk and will normally place an incredibly high insurance premium on the removalist company per month for such an incident to occur.

So when you do ask if the company your looking to use has insurance or not ask them what does it cover, if it covers the transport from the house to the Vehicle, within the vehicle and then from the vehicle to the new location.

Many companies will let you know that they have insurance but what is covered like most insurance policies they will only cover so much.



Koala Box ensures that the packing boxes that you need in Sydney are provided. Strong, Eco-friendly, and most importantly Stackable.

Our Boxes come pre-assembled for you so that it will save you time to pack and prepare and unpack at the end of the moving process.


Koala Box has built a partnership with an amazing removalist company that we have filtered through the hundreds out there to be the nicest, kindest, most careful bunch of individuals that have built their business on values identical to ours and now work in conjunction with us so that we can bring to you this amazing moving service which we manage on your behalf.


With your boxes and moving services covered your transition will be extremely simple and affordable allowing you to then focus on your new Job, Place or arrangements with minimal stress that other services would be providing. with the time to breathe you can focus on your future. This is the value we bring in our packing, moving and serving to you.

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