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How to Maximise Storage Space in a Small Kitchen

Trying to fit all your cooking bits and pieces in your tiny kitchen? With some creativity and smart easy-to-install equipment, there is always a possibility to squeeze some extra storing space out of your small kitchen. Some of these creative ideas are also minimum or damage-free, very suitable to apply on a rented housing facility. Koala Box gathered up 15 top ideas for you here.

1. Mount a pegboard and hang all your essentials.


2. Get the most out of the cabinets you do have with stackable shelves.


3. Take advantage of under-shelf baskets and over-the-cabinet space.


4. Stash saran wrap, foil, and the like in a file holder mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.


5. Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles and reduce the clutter under the sink.


6. Adding a dispenser for trash bags to the side of your under-sink cabinet will save space inside the cabinet — and make the bags easier to find when you need them.


7. A wall-mounted dish drainer will save space on the countertop. On the empty wall above it, you can squeeze in a short wall-mounted shelf to hold cookbooks.


8. Adding a bar-height table next to your tiny kitchen gives you triple benefit — extra counter space, extra storage space, and a place for friends to sit and eat in the kitchen all in one.


9. Use tension rods to hold cutting boards and cookie sheets upright and save space on shelves. Or simply use a file organizer to do the similar trick.


10. Use hooks to hang oft-used items from the inside of cabinet doors.


11. You can also hang things (like cutting boards) on the side of cabinets next to the sink.


12. Pot lids can take a lot of space in your cabinet. Use a pot lid container to store them vertically and save some more space.


13. Not enough drawer space? Use a magnetic strip to hang knives on the wall.


14. An over-the-stove cutting board can save some space on the countertop.


15. Magnetic hooks on the fridge door or other metal surface will give you some extra hanging space.


Which one is applicable for you? Get inspired and share these tips to your friends and family 🙂

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