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Best Tips on Packing Boxes for Moving (for both cardboard box users and Koala Box users)

Packing boxes for moving may seem like a simple task, but how you do your packing -correctly or carelessly- may result in a successful or unsuccessful move. When a box is packed correctly, it will protect all of the items that it contains. Learn these tips to ensure that none of your valuables are broken or damaged in transit.


  1. Ensure the box’s strength. The strength of a box should support the contents that it contains. An ideal box should be rigid and in good condition without rips, tears, punctures, or damage to the corners.

Cardboard box: it is usually recommended to use a new, corrugated box when packing moving boxes. If you’re hoping to save money on your moving budget and are packing with used boxes, make sure to test each box for durability beforehand.

Koala Box: our green box is made of commercial-graded plastic. It is rigid and extra strong. Boxes will be thoroughly cleaned and have the condition checked in our warehouse before we send them to you.


  1. Reinforce the bottom of the box.

Cardboard box: reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape. This is especially important if the box has already been broken down and is pre-used. This will ensure that any items in the box don’t fall through the bottom in transit.

Koala Box: you can skip this step as Koala Box comes with a strong one-piece bottom.


  1. Pack heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. This is recommended for both cardboard box and Koala Box. Putting heavy items on the bottom will avoid damages to the lighter items.


  1. koala-box-packFill the empty space of the box with fabric, like dishtowels or clothing, or use butcher paper or bubble wrap for support. This will ensure that items in the box don’t shift during a move, and is recommended for both cardboard box and Koala Box users.


  1. Don’t pack boxes heavier than 20 kilograms. An overly heavy box is more likely to tear or give out at the bottom, and more importantly they will be difficult to lift. Save your spine. You most likely will drain a lot of energy in the moving process already without adding the unnecessary heavy lifting. This is recommended for both cardboard box and Koala Box users.


  1. Make sure that all packing boxes for moving can close and seal properly on top.

Cardboard box: never pack a box that can’t close or that has items sticking out of the top. Use packing tape to seal the top of the box securely.

Koala Box: Koala Box comes with strong attached lids. You can interlock the lids to close the box securely without using any packing tape. Our friendly operator will give you a two-minute clear explanation whenever we deliver the boxes to you.


These basic guidelines are important if you want to ensure a quick, efficient relocation to your new home. Many people are unaware that movers will actually refuse to transport self-packed boxes that aren’t durable, are packed incorrectly, or contain hazardous items like fuel, paint, and firearms. And if a moving company has to repack a box for you -most probably because you didn’t pack it carefully or correctly- they will charge you for the service.


Packing small items

koala-box-screwcaseWhen packing moving boxes, it doesn’t make any sense to fill up a large box with small, loose items like screws, jewellery, or even silverware. For very small, loose items, either pack them in your suitcase to take with you or pack them in larger containers like a jewellery box, shoebox, or resealable plastic bag so that they stay safe and organised when packed in a larger box.

First and foremost, organisation is key. Think ahead by taping bolts, screws, and other loose items underneath furniture so that the necessary screws will stay with the right furniture in a move to be assembled later.


Choose wisely the most comfortable box for your next move. More importantly, whichever box you choose -cardboard or Koala Box- organise and pack correctly to avoid any damage, extra cost, extra time and waste of energy.

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