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10 Habits of a Good Neighbour

koala-box-neighboursAre you a newbie in your neighbourhood and trying to fit in? Getting to know your neighbours can be surprisingly interesting. Here is how you can make a good neighborhood and become a constructive part of your community.

1. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to your neighbours when you see them the first time. Good smile and warm greeting can be a good ice-breaker.

koala-box-gathering2. Participate in social gatherings and invite neighbours to your parties and functions at least once in a while.

3. Even if you don’t have anything to talk about, do not hesitate to make an eye contact with your neighbors when you meet them in the elevator or in the market place. They will feel recognized.

4.  Neighbours are like your extended family members. Respect them, be courteous and offer your help, every time they ask for.

koala-box-parking5. You should maintain the basic etiquette and should park your vehicles at the designated parking lot. This seems simple, but showing courtesy will build trust and friendship. Being inconsiderate in using the parking area can lead to an unnecessary dispute with your neighbours.

koala-box-littering6. You should not litter around. The basic hygiene and etiquette should be maintained. Be courteous to keep the neighbourhood clean and tidy.

koala-box-borrow7. Do not hesitate to borrow from your neighbors if you have to. This can be a good way to stay connected. And yes, do return the favor.

8. If you got pets, then be more careful. Take full responsibility of your pets and make sure they do not disturb others. Control you pets so they won’t litter nor make intolerably loud noises.

koala-box-multicultural9. Work hard and party harder, but not at the cost of disturbing your neighbours. Play music and dance at appropriate decibel. Also be reasonable about the time and duration when you choose to have such event. Do not hesitate to inform your neighbours or ask for their consents beforehand.

10. Understand and respect the lifestyle and the religion of your neighbours. Get to understand more by participating in their festivals and give your equal contribution.

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